Kontos Foods Inc.

Hand-stretched flatrbeads

It’s our traditional hand-stretching method that makes all the difference. Our flatbread bakes to a golden brown on the outside, but stays light and flavorful on the inside.

Our types of flatbreads

Pocket-less Pita

Our signature flatbread used by many of the cultures in the mediterranean.

gyro bread

Pre-oiled for easier handling and requires a minimal amount of heating to become extremely flexible.

pocket pita

Traditional pocket pita – white & whole wheat.

Flex Pita

Created to be extremely flexible at ambient temperatures.

Pizza Crust & Panini

Pre-grilled panini flatbreads & pizza crust with an olive oil crust.

Nan & roti

Resembles the classic nan baked by hanging the dough ball onto the walls of earthen tandoor ovens.

crepes & specialty

Cocktail flatbreads, Tidbits Pita Sticks, Specialty Flatbreads, & Crepes.

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