Kebabs continue to rise on menus across all operators

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Food on a stick: Kebabs

Nancy Kruse, president of Kruse Company and menu trends analyst published an article about the evolution of kebabs and their rise to fame with Restaurant Hospitality.

Key takeaways we found of interest:

  • There has been a crossover between Mediterranean and American menus
  • Skewers can offer restauranteurs the opportunity to portion control to reach a cost effective, exceptional dish
  • Skewers and kebabs aren’t going anywhere – operators will still continue to integrate them even more in dishes on menus
  • Kebabs are on the rise on every menu from high-end restaurants to fast casual joints due to their practicality

cool fact: noted in Nancy Kruse’s article, GrubHub put chicken kebabs in the top 3 most popular items for this spring/summer!


To read the full article, click here.